Wireless sensors vs. outdated inductive loops

Comparing Loops to Sensors

Comparison of inductive loops and FlexMag sensors Loops FlexMag
High accuracy traffic detection
Longer average life
Minimal roadway intrusion/damage
Can install below resurfacing grade
No leads to cut or be destroyed
Lower lifecycle costs
Average 15 minute installation
Minimal lane closures
Safer for workers on the road
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There is a better way to treat your roads

FlexMag Flush: Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor Installation

FlexMag sensors are just as accurate as loops, but far more robust and reliable - capable of outlasting the abuse your pavement suffers from vehicles and weather.

Are loops destroying your roads, or are roads destroying your loops? Yes.

Inductive loops have been the standard of traffic detection for decades, and still account for up to 70% of all detection systems world wide. And yet, they carve up perfectly good roads and then get destroyed by vehicle and weather wear-and-tear. No wonder why agencies struggle to stay ahead of the curve with managing congestion.

With a much smaller 4 inch (10 cm) footprint, our wireless FlexMag magnetometers don't require sawcutting huge sections of your lanes or trenching for leads. This means your roads last longer, and your traffic detection won't be cut or ground up by road or utility work. That's a big part of why FlexMag sensors have a longer average life than loops.

Do your detection technology and detection priorities align?

Earlier this year we surveyed traffic professionals on what their traffic detection priorities are, and they made it clear that accuracy and reliability are the top concerns. These findings match an earlier independent study where accuracy and reliability ranked as the top two factors when selecting detection equipment.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise since detection accuracy and reliability both enable better performing traffic signals and better traffic data. The result is greater safety and less congestion for all road users.

Find out why Sensys Networks' latest generation of FlexMag sensors are the most reliable and most accurate traffic detection solution on the market today.

FlexMag 2% more accurate than loops!


I like the ability to install FlexMag pucks in the roadway at a level that allows mill and fill over them. Plus, they install with less equipment and time compared with loops.

FlexMag sensors are less invasive to the pavement with less connection points, and more configurable, more innovative.

Installation is very straightforward and simple.

Our detection accuracy increased. These sensors also improved our ability to detect the speed of the vehicles because the overall system became more reliable.

FlexMag sensors are ideal for:

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