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“Sensys Networks puts that data right at the fingertips of transportation professionals, helping to improve safety, reduce congestion and emissions.” - Amine Haoui, CEO

Our SensTraffic data platform provides detailed reports for congestion mapping, travel times, origin/destination, bicycle and vehicle counts, and complete system diagnostics. And now, our SensMetrics safety and signal optimization service gives traffic professionals access to 24/7/365 performance measures and advanced analytics for signal timing optimization. All of the data is archived for trend analysis and syncs easily with existing traffic management systems.
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Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) and advanced analytics to optimize signal timing and safety


Analyze travel times, intersection delay and origin / destination across your corridors and intersections via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


Accurate real-time bicycle counts, including non-ferrous bike frames

Some of the smartest cities around the world have leveraged Sensys Networks technology:

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