FlexRadarDetection for two wheels or four? Yes.

The FlexRadar™ sensor, powered by our patented MicroRadar® technology, expands your detection portfolio to include accurate and reliable detection of bicycles for traffic signal control and data collection as well as vehicle presence detection for parking applications. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS

  • Differentiates between vehicles and bicycles, enabling the right amount of “green time” for the right vehicle.
  • Eliminates occlusion problems
  • Detects all bicycles (including Carbon Fiber)
  • Installs seamlessly as a supplement to an existing primary detection system.


FlexRadar, powered by our patented MicroRadar technology, is an ultra-low power, patented radar sensor, compatible with the entire Sensys Networks product suite. FlexRadar reliably and accurately detects bicycles, differentiates between a bicycle and a motorized vehicle at the stop bar, provides bicycle counts in dedicated bicycle lanes, and provides the most accurate parking space occupancy data available. FlexRadar installs seamlessly as a supplement to existing wireless detection systems, lowering costs by leveraging existing infrastructure and communications.


  • Flexible installation with no wires or lead-in cabling
  • Long battery life
  • Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures and worker exposure
  • Patented, ultra-low “NanoPower” communications protocol
  • Superior accuracy, dependability, and extensibility
  • Universal platform for bicycle presence detection, counts and parking applications
  • Self-calibrating, self-tuning
  • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
  • Easily deployed in complex configurations
  • Ability to enable temperature reporting


  • Ultra-low power, patented 6.3GHZ radar for bicycle and parking applications
  • Sampling rate: 1-8Hz
  • Reliable 2-way radio communications with Sensys Networks Access Points


FlexRadar also improves safety by allowing agencies to optimize green time based on the unique needs of cyclists, as well as providing critical bicycle utilization statistics for city planners.


FlexRadar has proven itself to be the most accurate detector for parking space occupancy in head-to-head tests with magnetometer and infrared competitors. Unlike competing sensors, FlexRadar is immune to nearby queued vehicles, passing trucks, dirt or abrasions. By combining FlexRadar for parking data and FlexMag for traffic measures, agencies are able to optimize parking policy to minimize congestion.